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The July issue of "Ladny Dom" magazine presents one of our projects - a one family house located in Piastow just outside Warsaw.
The house is under construction now. It is being built on a small and narrow plot (ca. 520 sq. m).
The house is designed for a family of five. An overall space area of 261 sq. m accomodates 7 rooms, 3 bathrooms and a kitchen.
The garage has room for 2 cars.

  View from the street
An idea of a low cost house
Small house - a solution for the present (hard) times?
Begining from the January issue (2013) of the "Ladny Dom" magazine we publish a series of 4 articles on how to built an inexpensive small house. How much should it cost, how to build it and what materials should be used.


Our aim in the near future is to design and build a few low cost, small houses.

The January issue of Ladny Dom
A one family house in a small village - Kanie near Warsaw
The house was built on a small narrow lot in the shape of a wedge with its wider side by the street. The aim was to create a house which maintains the character and small scale of the neighboring buildings and yet accomodates the numerous functions of a modern house. This was achieved by dividing the house into two separate buildings. Both have a plan in the shape of elongated rectangles. The building near the street serves as a garage and a studio (1st floor). The one situated further into the garden is residentia
  View of the house (left) and garage adn studio (right) from the street
Painting Department >>> (painting department)
Painting Department is a new initiative of the young and talented artists working with us. The aim is to introduce ART in many different ways in residential interiors.
Right - an example of our cooperation with Painting Department. Childrens bathroom - painting on glass.

Design: Magda Karpinska.
Photo: Jedrek Sokołowski
House of the month 11-2010

The house in Izabelin near Warsaw was chosen HOUSE OF THE MONTH by the magazine Ladny Dom.

The house was designed in 1998 and built a year later

Photo : Bartosz Makowski



House of the month 12-2008
The house in Golabki near Warsaw was chosen HOUSE OF THE MONTH by the magazine Ladny Dom.

The photos - above and right - illustrate the interiors of a house in Golabki near Warsaw. The central part of the house is a wall in the form of an arc with windows opened to the garden. Photo: Hanna Dlugosz